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What People Are Saying:

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    Lorrie Wessel

    Proud Owner of a Grand Champion Collie

    Thank you, Rebbie ~
    your warm reading from Lou Lou brings tears to my eyes.

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    Carol Peck

    I've had a number of animal communication sessions over a period of years, and I know how wonderful they can be so my expectations were high. The session with Rebbie exceeded my expectations... Continue Reading

  • Ever since his death, I have felt a longing for my horse Avalancher, a Thoroughbred racehorse whom I adopted after his retirement from racing. After experiencing an extraordinary animal communication session Rebbie conducted with my dog, I was delighted to find that she would be willing to do a session with a deceased horse.

    Avalancher came through loud and clear, answering my questions, addressing my concerns, and confirming my feelings. The session was informative, reassuring, and inspiring. I am grateful to Rebbie for using her abilities to help me connect and communicate with the animals I have loved so much.

So What’s it All About?

After many years of of doing remote energy work with people and animals, I have decided to invest myself in the deepening of my ability to communicate with animals. 

Now, as a Certified Animal Energy® Practitioner, I have expanded the scope of Yofa Dogs to include private remote sessions.  These sessions are devoted to animal communication and energy balancing for the well being of the animal and the harmony and love in their relationship with their human(s).

About Rebbie

Dr. Rebbie Straubing is the founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA) and the author of Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment. She has developed two different forms of remote energy sessions which she does for humans in The Journey 2U and for dogs in Yofa Dogs.  Rebbie's experience as a chiropractor strongly informs her approach to wellness. Her mystical temperament has lead her to revelations that she funnels into these sessions for the benefit of the members.

She is now cultivating her ability to fasciliate loving, joyful relationships between people and their animal companions through animal communication. As an animal communicator and animal energy®  worker, Rebbie is thrilled to be merging her love of the furballs with with her energy work. More about Rebbie Here

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