Dr. Rebbie Straubing is a pioneer of spiritual healing who is now turning her focus to animals and their relationships with their people.  Her animal communication skills have gone from zero to 90 very suddenly and the telepathic conversations she is having with animals can often turn into deep processing sessions for the animal rather than a simple answering of questions.

After having gotten significant results doing remote, group energy session for dogs (and cats) in the Yofa Dogs membership, she is now also working individually with animals.

Offering a combination of animal communication and energy balancing, she works in service of the love bond between humans and animals.  This is her calling, her mission, and her purpose with this work: To be an emissary of love.  Her sessions strengthen and deepen the feelings of love between people and their animal companions.

The communication aspect of the session sheds light on sometimes unexpected messages from the dogs.  The result can be very surprising, bringing laughter one moment, and tears of joy another moment.  When the pathway is open for more exchange between our beloved animal companions and us, we feel more love, we feel more deeply, and we grow as human beings.

The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA®)

Rebbie is an internationally acclaimed student of the Abraham-Hicks teachings. In her unusual work, Rebbie prefers to replace the word “healing” with the phrase “Joyful Harmonious Expressiveness” or simply “jhe” and she has developed the groundbreaking system of remote inner alignment sessions called the “YOFA jhe Sessions.”

Integrating the Abraham-Hicks teachings, the ancient science of yoga meditation, the healing philosophy of chiropractic, and the spiritual perspective of the New Thought movement, Dr. Rebbie Straubing has birthed a bright new path along the journey of living a spiritual life in a physical body. She is the founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA®), which offers a comprehensive system of inner alignment for the purpose of:

* Heightened Spiritual Awareness
* Healing (jhe)
* Loving and Harmonious Relationships
* True Prosperity
* Joyful Manifestation of the Heart’s Desires

Personal History

Rebbie’s hands began their education in energy healing in 1971 when Rebbie’s sister Shelli became ill. Advanced spiritual healers (in particular Hilda Charlton) passed through the house on a regular basis and informally trained Rebbie to continue to work with her sister daily. It was at this young age that Rebbie’s life became an intense journey of spiritual inquiry. She was exposed to the influences of world-class spiritual healers, teachers, and mentors and was called to apply their teachings in the most personal and practical ways.

Years later, as a chiropractor, Rebbie employed numerous techniques that involved subtle energies. The sensitivity in her hands developed in those years as she worked with her patients in ways that included the energetic and spiritual aspects of their healing. Her chiropractic office, on New York City’s Upper West Side in the 1980’s, was also the location of Rebbie’s innovative meditation and visualization workshops.

In 1990, Rebbie’s focus took a turn to “Healer, heal thyself,” when she had to leave her practice to tend to her own “jhe.” From that time on, her journey became one of almost exclusive inner exploration. In 1993, Rebbie attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop. This marked the beginning of a profound inner transformation and a redirecting of her work that continues through the present.

In following the trail of her own long-term “healing,” Rebbie developed YOFA®, wrote the book Rooted in the Infinite, and has created a wealth of articles, recordings, and other services and products that have allowed hundreds of thousands of others to come along on her very personal journey of “enbrightement.”

The healing branch of Dr. Rebbie Straubing’s YOFA® system (YOFA jhe Sessions) offers a “non-physical” adaptation of chiropractic. Employing the principles of alignment and traditional chiropractic philosophy, Rebbie offers remote inner alignment sessions that promote well-being in all aspects of the participant’s experience. These sessions bring the human incarnation into alignment with the soul’s essence.

This system is described in detail in Rooted in the Infinite and the energy is offered in the YOFA jhe Sessions .

Rebbie has now turned her attention to cultivating the joyful harmonious expressiveness in the canine members of our families.  This website is devoted to that endeavor.  Your dog can now become a YOFA Dog!

Contact:  rebbie(at)yofa.net




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